Creating Artificial Intelligence: An Imaginarium course from the July holidays

The recent July holidays saw gifted girls from Years 5 to 9 learn how artificial intelligence (AI) drives robotics. The unique aspect of this Imaginarium course was applying a concept that is quite ‘futuristic’ at a school level, as education is always following the industry. This course allowed students to start to move ahead with […]

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Developing a mentoring programme with alumni

  Mentoring is noted as one of the most effective pedagogical strategies when implemented with gifted students, with mentees highly valuing the psychosocial and vocational benefits. When implemented with students who are twice-exceptional, mentorships can play a significant role in their positive development with the mentor recognising and supporting the development of their strengths. Though […]

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Gifted Girls and Vocational Development

Introducing gifted girls to a range of careers has been highlighted frequently, as valuable in supporting them to think creatively and productively about their future career interests. Research signifies that gifted students may exhibit an extensive repertoire of knowledge regarding careers, however, this information is often received much later than required. Some gifted students acquire […]

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What a way to start 2018…

On Monday afternoons, the Unlock your Potential course has seen the girls’ resilience and perseverance build as they collaboratively work with their team. Each team worked through complex puzzles, identifying and searching for inferential clues, problem-solving their way through a range of topics from women’s suffrage to weather systems. The puzzles have not been easy, […]

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Participant profile: Doone

The Imaginarium is a place where gifted girls are encouraged to develop their gifts and interests through a diverse range of courses. Courses are open to gifted girls from any school throughout Western Australia, and are held after school and during holidays. I’d like you to meet an incredible young lady with artistic flair. Doone […]

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