Global Problem Solvers

The Global Problem Solvers programme through the Imaginarium at Perth College has commenced with eight Year 6 students meeting each week after school. We started with some creative thinking tasks where participant’s were encouraged to think outside the box when approaching questions. When creating four triangles using six match sticks, why do we think with a 2D mindset? What are five other things you can do with a pen other than draw with it? Think outside the box… be creative… what did you come up with?

The Global Problem Solvers programme encourages participants to think about the world around them. How can they create change as young global citizens? How can they empower themselves through education and research to identify challenges, effects and consequences of issues around the globe? How does the economic climate change our approach? What resources do we have, or could we source to encourage change? How do we educate others in the process? If change is not encouraged or implemented, what will be the effect on people and places?

We considered: how do we utilise research, consider the future and apply creative thinking?

Our conversations have commenced with rich discussion on the provision of education globally in relation to the economic index of countries. As we delve deeper, participants are beginning to identify key challenges, effects and consequences in the economic future of education around the globe.