Flexible Learning Spaces

Imaginarium courses are set within innovative learning environments known as flexible learning spaces. These are supported with appropriate pedagogical adaptations for gifted girls.

Through a range of approaches unique to the characteristics of the gifted girls attending, flexible learning spaces help to enhance cognitive and social learning outcomes, foster new friendships, encourage collaboration, and stimulate curiosity.

Flexible learning spaces afford participants the opportunity to move around and work where they feel comfortable and stimulated. Participants can work in small groups or sometimes independently as each challenge sees fit, and the teacher and mentors are able to conference and coach each small group based on their needs, in a space where they are comfortable.

The Imaginarium courses run during the most recent school holidays were set up in the Senior School Science building, where smaller collaborative spaces contained moveable furniture. The open space allowed participants to spread out to where they were comfortable, particularly when working with the robotics equipment.

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