Imaginarium – Participant Profile: Abigail

IMG_4444The Imaginarium is a place where gifted girls are encouraged to develop their talents and interests through a diverse range of activities and challenges. Courses are open to students at Perth College as well as those who do not attend the School and are held during and outside of school hours and in the holidays.

Our next profile of an Imaginarium participant is a student from Bennett Springs who attended the Animatronics course during the April school holidays. Abigail is seven-years-old and is in Year 3. She loves the human body, muscles and arteries. In her spare time, Abigail likes to research the human body and internal organs on the internet. When she is older, she would like to become a doctor as she said, “It is a nice feeling to help people. I’m not really doing it for the money.” Abigail has had severe allergies since she was six-months-old. Spending so much time at the doctors’ surgery has inspired her to help others like herself.

Abigail likes to play dominoes, Pictionary and checkers. Her favourite book series at the moment is Whatever After as she relates to the main character, Abby; in addition to having similar names, Abigail also has a brother who is four years younger. She also likes that Abby starts all the girl-power!

During the Animatronics course, when learning to programme her robot, Abigail said the hardest part was “getting the robot working again when it was stuck in the middle of the programme.” She persevered through the challenges and relates her self-determination back to her father’s support in teaching her about IT as “he’s an engineer and has taught me a lot”. Abigail’s favourite part of the course was visiting Caversham Wildlife Park with the robots to investigate animal behaviours as real researchers working in the field.