Imaginarium – Participant Profile: Meaghan

The Imaginarium is a place where gifted girls are encouraged to develop their talents and interests through a diverse range of activities and challenges. Courses are open to students at Perth College as well as those who do not attend the School and are held during and outside of school hours and in the holidays.

Our next profile of an Imaginarium participant is a student from Northam who attended the Astro Engineering course during the April school holidays. Meaghan is in Year 6 and will be a boarder at Perth College in 2018, entering Year 7. She currently lives on a farm with four pet sheep in the backyard.

Meaghan loves robotics, building and programming with Lego Mindstorm EV3s and Lego Technics. She is very interested in learning foreign languages and is teaching herself how to read and speak in Japanese and French. Meaghan’s strengths are mathematics because “it’s logical and makes sense” and Science because she likes “exploring how things work and finding solutions to problems”.

When she is older, Meaghan would like to become a human rights lawyer or an engineer specialising in robotics, inventing things to help people. When asked why she wants to take this path she said, “I want to help people who live in parts of the world who don’t enjoy the same rights and freedoms that we do in Australia.”

Two people who inspire her are Michelle Obama and Amal Clooney. Her favourite book at the moment is All Fall Down by Ally Carter as she finds the politics in the book interesting and she relates to the main character.