Introducing Imaginarium Mentor Vrishni

Vrishni is a Year 7 Perth College student and an Imaginarium mentor who was kind enough to volunteer for two courses during the recent school holidays.

Vrishni is an enthusiastic young lady with a bright and vivacious personality. Her friends describe her as “energetic” and Imaginarium participants have recognised her effective and inspiring mentoring in their feedback surveys.

She enjoys reading, playing the violin, dancing, swimming and cooking, and she would like to be a doctor, specialising in neurology, when she is older.

“The human body and the nervous system have always intrigued me,” she said.

You can often hear Vrishni’s laughter when you pass through the Year 7 area in the School and she credits this to her friends.

“I am surrounded by people who inspire me,” she said – with her parents andt eachers at the top of the list.

Vrishni enjoys the complexities that come with the Imaginarium courses and supporting students to persevere through challenges by helping them to workshop new strategies.

Her love of learning is evident through the tenacity in which she approaches new challenges. She is patient and takes the time to explain and demonstrate new skills to participants.

The Imaginarium is very fortunate to have you as a mentor, Vrishni.

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