Girl Guardians Mentor Program

We are very fortunate to have past students so willing to give back to Perth College through the Girl Guardians Mentor Program. Recently, five Old Girls returned to the School to volunteer as mentors of gifted girls in Year 5.

We celebrated the first meeting by sharing a meal in the Boarders’ Dining Room and having conversations about our days, our lives, and our interests.

This helped to build the connection between mentors and mentees as they got to know each other in a shared environment – a little reminiscent of having dinner with your family.

Through diverse discussions, girls identified their common interests and shared detailed stories, making the room buzz!

Then we held an ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ in the Junior School Library, starting with reflections of our own character strengths.

We questioned how those strengths have contributed to situations when we flourish, what makes us flourish, and who supports us in this journey. We questioned how the environment we are in contributes to our ‘flow’ and what we deem as flourishing.

The discussions were in-depth and insightful and saw the girls identifying common factors in their stories, character strengths and challenges.

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