Introducing Imaginarium Participant Grace

Our next Imaginarium participant profile is Grace, a Year 4 Perth College student who participated in the recent Animatronics course during the school holidays and is currently participating in the after-school Tech eGirls course.

Grace is an incredible young lady with a creative mind and has the exceptional ability to understand complex emotions through visuals and the books she loves to read. In fact, it is rare to see Grace without a book in her hand.

Grace has a profound love for animals and would like to help foster animals in need and find them homes with loving families in the future. She has her own pet dog, Duchess, who she describes as “absolutely adorable”.

Grace is unsure of what she would like to do when she is older, but she is certain her future will involve caring for animals – either as her career or through volunteer work.

“There are so many amazing options, like being an engineer or a chef,” she said.

Grace loves to travel and has already been to so many countries around the world she says she “couldn’t possibly list them all”. She is conflicted about where she would consider her favourite place in the world but said her recent holiday to Broome was a highlight. Grace described the beach as “beautiful and calm” and said the camel rides were an incredible experience.

When asked who makes her laugh the most, Grace said her friends Chrissy and Sasha “are absolutely hilarious”.

Grace’s creative abilities are unique, with one of her floral monoprints selected for an art competition. Her favourite art medium to use is clay sculpt pieces, as well as painting, and Grace also loves to express her creativity through writing. She participates in writing extension classes at school which she says she “thoroughly enjoys”.

As part of the Tech eGirls course, Grace has been programming the NAO robot, Elliot. She pretended he was a dog through his speech and actions and is already considering what she can program Elliot to do next.

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