When Abigail met Elliot (our Nao Robot)


Abigail was accelerated to Year 3 at the beginning of this year at her local school. In her second Imaginarium course for the year, she continues to develop her programming skills with a range of robotics equipment thinking critically and creatively. Today, as part of the Imaginarium’s second group of Tech eGirls, Abigail met Elliot, our NAO robot. Her eyes were wide with surprise, delight and excitement as she first observed Elliot in action and pondered what she could programme him to do. She learnt how to use the programming software and entertained the group with his new ‘personality’ through various actions and speech. Here is a short clip where you see what Abigail has programmed Elliot to do in her first attempt.

I wonder how Abigail will continue to develop her programming skills and consider how she can create purposeful and positive change with Elliot?