Introducing one of our student mentors, Claire

The Imaginarium is a place where gifted girls are encouraged to develop their gifts and interests through a diverse range of courses. Courses are open to gifted girls from any school throughout Western Australia, and are held after school and during the holidays.

I’d like you to meet Claire who is one of our student mentors for the Tech eGirl course. She is in Year 7 at Perth College. Claire is an incredible young lady with a sense of humour well above her years. She is naturally curious and exudes a love of learning, exploring divergent questions on complex topics. When reading Claire’s writing, her unique personality shines through. You find yourself immersed in the world she has created, with intricate themes woven through her narrative; her imagination fierce with possibility.

Claire’s favourite experiences in Year 7 have been Positivity Week and Creative Arts Day. She enjoys the comradery and House Spirit the events provoke and the interrelationships between year levels and individuals. Claire loves to read, ‘because it’s fun and exciting to go into another world as you read’. When asked about her strengths, she says, ‘I am good at thinking outside the box and I am good at Maths. I am also good at telling jokes and making people laugh.’

When asked where her interests might lead her to a future career, Claire says, ‘I’m not 100% sure on what I want to do yet but I know I want to do something that involves Science and Maths. A few options I want to try are a doctor, vet or a surgeon.’ Claire finds Science ‘interesting as we can go into labs and construct experiments.’ She loves Maths because, ‘it challenges me to think harder and more open-mindedly.’

When reflecting on her impact as a student mentor for the Tech eGirls participants and what she has enjoyed so far, she says, ‘I have enjoyed being able to help the girls figure out and overcome the challenges they have faced; help them understand robots and think outside the box.’ Claire is a student mentor for the Imaginarium’s Engineering Physicist’s course in the July holidays. We can’t wait for you to meet her there.