Animaliers course – July holidays

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A small snapshot of the Animaliers course run through the Imaginarium in the July holidays:

The two-day Animaliers course saw participants exploring unique animals, their physical characteristics and behaviours. The girls researched an animal they were intrigued to know more about with many developing a passionate interest and advocacy for their animal and its unique characteristics.

Perspective drawing allowed participants to explore the different techniques to their illustrations, incorporating depth using a range of mediums such as oil pastels and charcoal. Participants narrowed their choice to one animal they would focus their final perspective drawings on that would be used to create their sculpture the following day.

Perth artist, Si Hummerston, facilitated a workshop on the second day with participants creating a three-dimensional sculpture of their animal. They created the skeleton using armature wire, building up the body with aluminium foil and creating the skin using clay. It was fascinating to watch the animals come to life throughout the process with participants integrating their own creative ideas into their sculpture. As each unique feature was carefully created there were eyes, noses, fingers, claws and texture created for the animal’s skin covering.

Painting techniques were discussed, tested and applied and the room was reminiscent of a silent animal sanctuary with a camel, kangaroo, golden mole, snow leopard and white swan to name a few.

Reflecting on the course, Elizabeth said, “I loved seeing the animals come to life before our eyes, especially at the end when we could see all of the different animal species and their colours.” Jasmine said, “I really enjoyed trying to make our animal. We had to think about the skeleton and build the animal’s features using the clay. It was interesting to learn how to use different tools I might not have thought of to create different features.”

Frederique said, “I liked the workshop with the artist, Si, because we got to meet an artist who taught us many ways to make our sculpture look real. I enjoyed the challenge made many new friends through the course.” Elise said, “I enjoyed creating the details on my cat sculpture using different tools and then using different shades of paint to create texture.”

Parents reflected on the strengths of the course:

“The strength of this course is the ability for the girls to work independently and express their individuality by choosing their own animals to research and create.”  

“The opportunity to be in a course with like-minded students was a major strength.”

“The course provides a selection of topics which the girls would normally not have the opportunity to learn.”

“The girls had the freedom to explore and express themselves, introducing concepts that stretch their thinking.”

“My daughter absolutely loved working with the artist and enjoyed the whole design process through to completion of her sculpture. She was SO pleased with her sculpture and has been making little animated movies with it since coming home. It’s been great to see her extending the activity herself beyond the two days!”