Participant Profile: Georgia

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The Imaginarium is a place where gifted girls are encouraged to develop their gifts and interests through a diverse range of courses. Courses are open to gifted girls from any school throughout Western Australia and held after school and during the school holidays.

I’d like you to meet one of our Imaginarium participants who has participated in many of our Imaginarium holiday courses. Georgia is in Year 3 and attends a primary school north of Perth. She is an incredible young lady with a passion for learning. When asked what she enjoys most about the Imaginarium courses she says, “I like how they open my mind and challenge me.” Georgia is captivated with horses; she loves to read books about horses, watch funny videos with horses in them and regularly goes horse-riding. During the Animaliers course she created a three-dimensional sculpture of a horse and has continued to create animated movies with her horse at home.

When Georgia is older she sees herself as a “famous horse rider and a Science, Phys Ed and Mathematics teacher as I love learning new things and meeting other people.” One of Georgia’s character strengths is her ability to persevere through complex challenges, demonstrating resilience in tasks where success is not guaranteed. This saw her learning new programming skills with robotics equipment during the Animatronics course and applying her creative thinking skills to consider how she could utilise the robot in the field as scientists do, to observe animal behaviour.

Georgia lists her strengths as mathematics, horse-riding, Science, drawing and working with digital technologies. She believes her friends would describe her as, “arty, enthusiastic, smart, creative and positive.” When asked who inspires her, after a moment of quiet contemplation she said, “David Attenborough as he is able to capture the beauty of animals in their natural environment which is quite tricky.”