Introducing Imaginarium Participant Doone

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Our next Imaginarium participant profile is Doone, an incredible Year 6 student with artistic flair who recently participated in the Art of Visual Persuasion school holiday course.

During this course, she created a powerful art piece provoking conversation, emotion and thought, titled Cut Down.

Doone said her work reflected on the harm of pollution on the earth.

“In 2017, air pollution has become increasingly worse,” she said.

“With more buildings, factories and transportation roaming cities, the state of our beautiful earth is in jeopardy.”

Doone loves free verse poetry and sketching, reading and writing mythical stories featuring characters with special gifts.

Her favourite books are quite diverse, from fictional stories with unicorns and mermaids to those that stimulate her curiosity, and the Guinness Book of World Records is a favourite.

Doone enjoys painting and creating digital art using different applications and said she would like to work as a digital artist taking commissions online when she is older. She would also like to open her own café as she said it was “really important” to have a job she enjoys.

She identifies her strengths as being flexible and able to work independently and she has a unique gift of being able to mix different tones to create depth and texture in her art pieces while representing complex ideas.

Doone likes to watch cute video clips of animals as their antics make her laugh. She also loves her many pets, including her two dogs, three cats and a rabbit.

Doone said her mother was her biggest inspiration.

“She is successful with her own business and she is always trying to be positive,” she said.

Doone is also currently participating in the after-school Inspo Girls course. She is very shy when she first meets people, so it has been great to see her interacting with other girls during the course and forming new friendships with like-minded peers.